21st Century Renaissance

Grand Master: Multiple Themes

Miraclism Yu Zhang

Miraclism Founding Father

Versatile Artist: oil Painting, Rice Paper Painting, Calligraphy

Tel: 626-820-2688
Email: francisyuzhangusa@yahoo.com
Web: www.miraclismzhang.com
P.O. Box 1285, Alhambra CA 91802
Little boy Yu Zhang was especially extremely endowments, and he was edited and was martyred in his family during his earlier years (youth), he gained very good education about the knowledge and techniques of art and culture.

Yu Zhang is a very talent  professional  grand master artist on the world. He very deeply understand and handle knowledge and techniques of  the Eastern and western  culture and art, Especially he has extraordinary creative mode of thinking, and he  creatively developed his independently artistic visions generation by generation, completely and extremely different from others, Rely upon our God ,at last he found 21st Century most extraordinary  success of global human  culture and art ------ that is great new art and culture conception: MIRACLISM 

Grand Master Yu Zhang organically organized two and/or more themes In one  art work and his art works extremely increase his every art work's Capacity of art and culture information or elements,and more interesting,and also extremely increase his every art work enjoyfull value.

Single and one theme's mode of human thinking is human children hood years of history of mode of human thinking; and mode of multiple themes of human thinking mode is a new starting history of human adult years.And even Mr.Publo  Bicasso 

didn't show or find any changing of human thinking mode, and his organized abstractive arts still belong to single one theme's arts and culture. 

And the new human multiple themes' thinking mode will change immidiately human designing thinking mode in various fields and even would change technology and science and social academic theories on considering

His success developed excited  Multiple Themes'    arts and culture conception no dough, this conception already founded  a new Renaissance  movement for our 21st Century  and our generation! This founding will start human art and culture and whole human civilization a great progress and splendor !!!

When we return back our eyes to our human art and culture  history of last century---that is 20th Century, we must find and are watching a great splendoring  star Publo Picasso and his organized abstractive art and his generation's Renaissance  wave.

Now we are facing our 21st Renaissance wave founding father Yu Zhang and his splendoring realistic multiple Themes' arts - organizing of different realistic themes is harder than organizing different abstractive arts, so we easily understand  Miraclism of Yu Zhang is a great jumping over art and culture history Mr. Yu Zhang is versatile artist also. His oil paintings are great, his rice paper paintings consider light and colors and are gorgeous too. His big brush artistic Gongfu is extremely cool.